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BC Albacore Tuna is a Rising Star for Quality Seafood in Canada & Abroad

CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA is proudly harvested by the some 200+ members of the British Columbia tuna fleet and processed in British Columbia, Canada.  It is both a BC and Canadian product of which we can all be proud.

The ever-increasing awareness by consumers of issues related to sustainability, management, nutrition, and product safety has led many to re-examine their consumption of fish and seafood products as a positive alternative to other sources of protein.  As a result, consumers are becoming aware of BC ALBACORE TUNA  — CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA as an “emerging star on the world stage of Nutritious Seafood”.

In order to both protect and promote this fishery, fishermen, buyers, processors, brand label marketers, scientists and managers came together in June of 2002 to form the federally registered non-for-profit society – the CANADIAN HIGHLY MIGRATORY SPECIES FOUNDATION.

Since that time this industry – supported group has:

  • Funded attendance of Federal Scientists at international meetings on the management of albacore tuna providing a Canadian voice in international science pertaining to tuna and other highly migratory species.
  • Participated in BC “Marriage Made in BC” events, which associated CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA with 17 high profile restaurants and 19 BC Wineries.
  • In 2002 initiated the first industry based screening of albacore tuna for mercury in Canada.
  • In 2003 began production of the Canadian Pacific Albacore Tuna Logbook to assist in the sustainable management of Albacore.
  • Licensed the exclusive rights to BC ALBACORE TUNA and CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA through the BUY BC Program
  • Supports and contributes to numerous events to promote Canadian seafood including “BC Seafood Sensations”, “Taste of BC”, and “European Seafood Exposition” in Brussels.
  • Supports and contributes to international meetings including: “19th North Pacific Albacore Workshop” in Nanaimo, BC; “American Fishermen’s Research Foundation” in San Diego, Ca; “Western Fish Boat Owners Association” in Reno, Nevada.

Truly a Gift to Us from Nature

BC – CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA is truly a gift to us from nature.  Through the efforts of the BC Albacore Tuna Fishing Fleet, member buyers, processors, brand-label marketers, retailers, and fine restaurants working with the CHMSF- PLATINUM QA PROGRAM strive to bring you the highest quality, nutritious, safe, healthy, and delicious wild albacore tuna.

We continue to contribute to the sustainable management and knowledge base word of albacore tuna through our current and future research and development initiatives.

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Ocean Wise & Marine Stewardship Council Certified

Our Non – profit organization is proud to recognize the following buyer, processor and brand label marketers that are currently part of the MSC Chain of Custody program and able to sell CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA bearing the MSC Symbol. This is an assurance that those tuna are being caught sustainably by vessels who are part of the CHMSF-MSC Certificate.


Not that many years ago CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA was only available in a can.  Today, this exceptional product is found around the world, especially at well-known and popular restaurants as loins, sashimi, steaks, sushi, and canned.

Our Canadian Albacore Tuna, when purchased through our Marine Stewardship Council Certified vessels, processors, and brand label marketers is internationally recognized as MSC CERTIFIED.

Through our association with the Vancouver Aquarium’s  OCEAN WISE PROGRAM, our sustainable Canadian Albacore Tuna is also available through 622 Total Partners (this includes suppliers, markets, food services etc.).  Since a number of restaurants have multiple locations we can be on the menu at 991 restaurants through North America as an OCEAN WISE PRODUCT. Check the website to find a restaurant near you (www.oceanwise.ca)